Total immersion swimming has been the most significant development to the PE curriculum that I have witnessed in 20 years of teaching. Pupils learn through understanding and progression is no longer limited by athletic ability. I look back at a career of ‘splash and dash’ teaching with nothing but regret for those pupils who have missed this wonderful opportunity. 

Jonty Pollard
Head of Physical Education, Bancroft's School

I had previous swimming training before I met Mrs Cheshire, but she completely revolutionised the way I swam. She is an incredibly observant teacher, who gives personalised advise to each swimmer. These adjustments may seem simple, however they can have an enormous effect on speed and technique. Total Immersion swimming is extremely logical, and the clear explanations and passion that Mrs Cheshire delivers makes swimming an amazing experience.

Charlotte, 17

Thank you, your colleagues and your students for your hospitality.  It was an informative, enjoyable and enlightening day for me.  I especially enjoyed that across all age ranges the students were smiling and looking forward to their swimming lessons as they arrived.  They were all mentally engaged and I saw every swimmer improve during their session and get out of the pool a better swimmer than when they got in. They were fantastically interested in what we're trying to do, and why, when we swim - a far cry from mindlessly kicking and pulling their way up and down a swimming pool.  Many of my adults clients come to  me hating swimming.  I always ask why? and the answer is almost always the same: "Swimming at School".   I'm pretty certain 10 to 20 years from now none of your swimmers will be saying that.  Incredible work.

James Ewart, Total Immersion Swim Coach

I would recommend this course to anyone whether you already swim a lot or not. I swim regularly at a Tri Club but seeing the underwater video showed me that my stroke was not as I imagined it to be. Swimming is all about technique not strength and the sooner you develop good habits the better. Susan explained all the important parts of the stroke and why you do them that way. I thoroughly recommend it. 

Sheil A

When I started the short course I didn't know what to expect, but what I didn't know is that it would completely revolutionise my swimming in the way it has. And will effect the way I swim and the therapeutic thought processes for the rest of my life - brilliant!! The whole experience has been enlightening, and I genuinely meant what I said in that it was the highlight of each week. Great stuff.

Roy F

Thank you for such a wonderful introduction into this amazing swimming technique. I've thoroughly enjoyed every lesson and found your warm and enthusiastic manner very motivating. I could feel an instant improvement in my swimming efficiency from your very first lesson.  I thought your instructor videos were very insightful and a valuable resource which helped to build a mental picture of the technique we were striving for. I find myself an advocate of Total Immersion whenever conversation turns to exercise.

Steve W

My son, Jack (14) has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons with Susan over the last year. Our son had some bad habits that we felt were not being addressed by his Club and this was reflecting in his performances at competition.  Susan has skilfully and patiently identified his “key” weakness’s and enabled him to understand how his body moves and how small changes in technique can dramatically improve your power and speed. Susan used technology where Jack could observe and comment on his performance. He also benefitted from having Susan in the pool with him, swimming together where he could shadow her. In a very short period of time, it is quite unbelievable the changes that we have observed.  He is a different swimmer, faster, more confident and much happier.  This has all reflected in his race times too, recording personal best times!

Jack, 14

I've found swimming 'hard work', to attend the one day workshop and experience what it is like to move through water with minimal effort, has inspired me to raise my swimming ambitions.

David, West Sussex

Wow! Total Immersion has completely transformed my swimming. At Bancroft's Prep (aged 7) I thought I could swim, despite the fact that I never really enjoyed it; a few lengths of front crawl and I would climb out looking as though I had just run the London Marathon with a face like a tomato! But along came Mrs Cheshire and Total Immersion and suddenly I felt like a new person; I felt lighter and faster and I came to love swimming. In particular, my butterfly has come on leaps and bounds and I feel like a fish flying through the water.

Eleanor, 13

I started club swimming at the age of 10 at the London Aquatics Centre.  At clubs the focus of training is mainly speed and stamina. I did many two-hour sessions just swimming up and down as fast as I possibly could.  More recently I have been swimming 4-5 sessions a week.  With this amount of training my performance and stamina began to improve, but I also started developing a lot of uncomfortable shoulder and knee pain. When I joined Bancroft’s, I started swimming with Mrs Cheshire.  Mrs Cheshire quickly noticed that although I was fast, my stroke was incorrect, and therefore I wasn’t swimming at my full potential.  Over several weeks Mrs Cheshire gave me focussed individual tuition to take me through each of the four strokes to work on and correct each thing I was doing wrong. At times it could be really frustrating as I hadn’t understood that what I was doing was not correct, and I had to change habits that had been firmly ingrained with all the swimming I do. However, I have noticed a definite improvement in my times and the shoulder and knee pain have both gone. I may have got a bit frustrated at the time with having to go back to basics to correct my stroke, but swimming with Mrs Cheshire and receiving the personalised coaching attention has been a brilliant opportunity and is immensely beneficial to my stroke technique, and therefore to my performance in the pool.  

Kaitlin, 12

When I started in the Alphas at Bancroft’s, I was having different swimming lessons at the weekend as well. I found it confusing that I was learning two different techniques, so I was pleased when I stopped my Saturday lessons after two terms here, because I prefer Mrs Cheshire’s lessons. I like the way she focuses on one stroke for a couple of weeks until it is perfect, before moving on to something else.

Beatrice, Aged 8

A couple of years ago, swimming was never the sport I had ever really understood, because whatever technique I attempted to use, I was panting for breath after one length.  As the Head of Swimming Mrs Cheshire is the most genuine, patient teacher I have ever been tutored by and always made my swimming lessons ones to look forward to.  With her attentive coaching and helpful videos, Mrs Cheshire helped me realise  that my stamina was not the main reason I was left panting on the side of the pool: it was due to my technique! She completely reorganised my swimming technique for all strokes; whether it was five minutes or an hour in the pool, I would always feel like I had learnt something new! I was told to co-operate with the water and relax instead of kicking as fast as I could and soon discovered that swimming did not only require physical strength, buy psychological strength too. Swimming has definately improved my mentality towards all challenges and now at Bancroft's I happily train with the Swimming Squad!  I hold my experience this year highly valuable and look forward to many more to come.  I may not be the best 12 year old swimmer out ther, but Mrs Cheshire has 100% incluenced my aspiration to be one!

Aaron, 13

I gave up swimming twelve years ago because of a long-term lung problem and only took it up on the strong recommendation of my Respiratory Physiotherapists last year.  After I started swimming again, slowly regaining my confidence, I wanted to learn the Total Immersion method of freestyle I stumbled across a while ago on the internet.  I feel lucky to have found Susan, who is one of the most observant and patient coaches I have come across.  Lessons with her have made a huge difference and I've made great improvements not only in my stroke but also in my understanding of how to move in water with minimal effort.  Susan spots the tiniest details that most other mainstream swimming instructors would miss and always seemed to identify the smallest changes that made the biggest difference to me.  Furthermore, she showed an understanding of my health problems and adpated her teaching to suit me.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their swimming and especially to anyone with a disability who wants to swim with ease.



I've been taught swimming by Mrs Cheshire for a few years now and my swimming has really improved. She explains things in a really clear way that makes sense and tells us why we do them as well as how to do them. I can definitely say that I like swimming much more than I used to and I hope to carry on into the future since swimming is so enjoyable and important.

Oscar, 15

Before I came to Bancroft’s school I didn't think of swimming to be a sport I would enjoy. In Physical Education lessons, we did swimming and I was not really good so Mrs Cheshire started giving me tips to make me a more efficient swimmer. As a result, I have improved drastically and was asked to go to squad swimming. From then, my times for most strokes have almost halved! Every week I look forward to swimming squad.

Thomas, 14.

When I first started swimming with Mrs Cheshire, I was unable to swim 25 metres. When I first started learning TI I was amazed to discover, that swimming is primarily simple science, and to become a fast swimmer, it is not necessary to carry out a succession of rapid strokes, but rather to understand the water and your body.  Total Immersion is a significant and brilliant progression in teaching swimming, which can help all abilities and I value as one of the most important things in school.  I am still improving and I set the challenge of swimming a mile, and thanks to Mrs Cheshire I did it.  I hope to swim a lot more in the future.

Kemi, 18

I took a course of five lessons in a small group with Susan. It was amazing - even after the first session I found front crawl much easier. I have learnt to reposition myself in the water and swim more gracefully with less splashing. The whole approach to learning the technique is calm and relaxing. I would recommend Total Immersion to anyone, whatever their ability.

Lynne Hague

Swimming has become an incredibly enjoyable experience after being taught Total Immersion!  The ability to actually understand and improve form in the water is unique to Mrs. Cheshire's attention to detail and careful teaching.  She is different from the standard teacher's mantra of just trying to swim as fast as possible.  She really cares about making her students confident in their ability and comfortable in the water and I am now grateful that I can swim with style!

Thomas, 19

The day was brilliant. Such a lot to learn in one day but all instructions clear and precise. My only regret, I didn't do this course sooner.

Jennifer, Norwich

Gill and Susan did a fantastic job (one day workshop) explaining and demonstrating the principles of Total Immersion swimming. I had been trying to teach myself from the book and the videos. Gill and Susan's inspirational combination of classroom, practical hands-on demonstrations and exercises have put me on the path to being a TI swimmer.

Leon, London

What a great method of learning - prioritisation, incremental, clear and supportive. Most of all effective. The greatest thing about this method is that you come out of the pool feeling you have restored yourself.  Gill and Susan were great coaches.

Louise, Blackheath (One day workshop)

I have always liked swimming as a sport, or when doing it in my free time, but not as much as the present. This is a result of my progression through fun and engaging lessons which have made me feel so much stronger about it, enabling me to improve drastically over the years I have had coaching with Mrs.Cheshire. Every training session I look forward to; gathering with my peers and learning new and interesting ways how to become a more efficient and faster swimmer is great fun.

Zachary, 14.

Before I swam with Mrs Cheshire I had been taught by my father to swim and it was something I always loved but never felt particularly good at.  Mrs Cheshire has been the reason I have felt such an improvement in my technique!  She focuses on each individual, videoing us and teaching us what we need to improve about our techniques as well as our techniques as a class!  I feel so much more confident in my swimming now.

Holly, 15

I have become an advocate for the 'Total Immersion' technique. I had previously found swimming an effort, with your support and encouragement, I started to relax and grow in confidence and began to feel more in tune and comfortable in the water. Your instruction videos helped me build on each instruction. I can honestly say that the short course has changed my attitude towards swimming and is now something that I find enjoyable, satisfying and far less exhausting. I would recommend this course to anyone - it is revolutionary.

Glenda Wall