Learn to swim the way elite swimmers do. How to balance and shape your body and use your whole body to propel movement, minimise water resistance and maximise efficiency.  By understanding the science of swimming, your continued improvement becomes a problem solving exercise that engages both the body and mind. 

The emphasis is on learning and understanding the correct stroke mechanics giving you the information to turn training sets into opportunities for focused and mindful practice.  During training you repeat a movement pattern hundreds, if not thousands of times.  It’s important to repeat the right movement.


 “I think that everything is possible as long as you put the work and time into it.  I think your mind really controls everything”
Michael Phelps


Five reasons Stroke Efficiency is invaluable 

Stroke Length and Stroke economy are the two proven factors that relate most closely to success – at all ages and in all strokes
Our potential to make fitness gains is finite. Our potential to make efficiency gains is almost limitless.
Efficiency is permanent. Fitness must be rebuilt after every training break.
Efficiency is fast. Improve performance as much in one hour of quality technique instruction as in months of hard training.
An efficient stroke is your best ‘insurance’ for pain-free, injury-free swimming.


Front crawl - You will work on correct breath management, improving stroke length, maintaining a balanced, stable and streamlined body position and utilizing core power through integrated body movements.

Backstroke - swim in a balanced streamlined position, you will learn to combine an effective patient catch with core power.

Breaststroke - Elite Breaststrokers spend most of the stroke cycle tightly streamlined below the surface, where drag is least and acceleration greatest.  You will learn how to extend the bodyline, keep the elbows high and closely integrate stroke and breath.

Butterfly - Maximise forward movement and minimize drag, learn to draw power from whole body movements and integrate breathing.


Private Lessons:

Lessons include hands on coaching to help with correct positioning, progressive drills and explanations, individualised feedback and video analysis for you to keep.  Aquatalk TM, may be used this fantastic tool allows me to talk to swimmers while swimming live and in real time, giving instant feedback when they need it. Lessons also includes Starts and Turns specific to each stroke.  Minimum age 9yrs.

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Sunday 23rd February 2020